An experimental film directed by the Also Sisters (Sonia and Miriam Albert-Sobrino) with original music by Elisabet Curbelo

Standing at the verge of her own execution, an almost defeated Earth witnesses how the actions of her most ungrateful inhabitants continue to shorten her lifespan.

Determined to give Earth a voice to express her suffering, loud and clear, this experimental film creatively adapts the writings of renowned Galician poet Rosalía De Castro, to draw attention to the impact that humans have on Earth’s own survival. To that end, filmmakers Sonia and Miriam Albert-Sobrino produce an avant-garde film that, while abstract in essence, seeks to visually and aurally depict Earth’s own suffering. Using the CO2 pollution sonified data as a distress signal from Earth’s herself, the Also Sisters visually express the pain that our planet is being subjected to. The beautifully moving score composed by Elisabet Curbelo adds an essential layer to this story of Earth’s call for aid.

The film figuratively presents Earth standing at the threshold of her own death while humans continue to pollute and damage her. Unbeknownst to them, Earth will not tolerate it for much longer.

Why Aura?

The word AURA carries a number of meanings that so appropriately fit this film. Both Latin and Greek origins of the word relate to “air”, “wind” or “breeze”; a clear connection to the sonification of CO2 pollution data used in this film and its impact on clean air. Spiritually, AURA links to the idea of a “halo” or a “subtle emanation around living beings”, which in this film is visually represented by the circular shape and disk that, respectively, opens and closes this piece. In AURA, humans are damaging Earth’s halo and the consequences of its destruction will be soon upon us.

“Follas Novas” by Rosalía de Castro

But a thirst…, a thirst
For I know not, what kills me

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“En Las Orillas del Sar” by Rosalía de Castro

To feel you fade deep within,
Vital flame which brightened the spirit, strengthened the body

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Directed, Written, Photographed and Post-produced by The Also Sisters
Narrated by Bárbara Grandío
Original Music by Elisabet Curbelo
Oboist | Luca de la Florin
CO2 Pollution data collected by Professor Lin and sonified by Professor Garrett
Language | Galician with English Subtitles


The filmmakers followed best practices to reduce the carbon foot print and overall environmental impact during the making of this avant-garde piece.

AURA was shot on the lands of the Northwestern band of the Shoshone, Ute and Goshute peoples. The filmmakers wish to recognize with humility and repentance that the lands where this film was made are the traditional ancestral and unseated lands of the indigenous peoples.