The Projects

Artivism for Earth: Expressions of Loss and Hope

Our cumulative segment of this project includes art and science collaborations on the topics listed below.

Glacier Music

The sound of melting glaciers expressed through music and visuals. Mathew Burtner is the composer of two pieces for chamber ensemble based on sounds of the disappearing glaciers in Alaska. The two pieces, Threnody and Matanuska Glacier create book-ends of the Expressions of Loss and Hope program.



Breath makes audible the air that enters your lungs and bloodstream; the enormous exhale of emissions created throughout two decades in Salt Lake City as scientific data collected at the University of Utah tells us. What is the song and sound pattern of our pollution? What instrument would it play? How would it speak to us? Listen to the words of Julia Corbett set by composer Elisabet Curbelo in this piece for spoken voice, oboe, and electronics.


Whale Fall

The words of anxiety and insecurity of climate change, expressed through a child’s voice. Composer Xavier Beteta writing music for small chamber ensemble and child’s voice based on the poem Whale Fall by Katharine Coles.


Arctic Sea Ice

A sonic and gestural interpretation of the satellite record from 1979-2016. Piece for piano composed by Judy Twedt, performed by Jason Hardink with visuals by Audrey Lund.


Sea Level Rise

Witness the visual and sonic expression of sea level rise in the San Francisco Bay.

Collaboration between composer Chris Chafe (Stanford) and Gregory Neimeyer (UC Berkeley)



The impact of climate change explored through the the dynamics behind climate change denial. Composer Yvette Janine Jackson has created a piece inspired by Naomi Oreskes (History of Science) writings on the climate crisis and how forces in our society try to diminish and deny its existence.


From Loss

The loss of life and impact on human health in indigenous peoples expressed through poetry, dance and music.


To Hope

John Luther Adams’ composition Three High Places set with Dark Cloud visual art by Wendy Wischer



A collaboration between Artist Wendy Wischer and Poet Katharine Coles that creates transitions in the Expressions of Loss and Hope program for Artivism for Earth.


Hour of Decision: A Cycle of Four Elements

Witness the results of four amazing, cross-discipline projects on the University of Utah Campus. Graduate students from the College of Fine Arts and the College of Humanities express their concern, feelings, and ideas on climate change through the four classical elements—Earth, Water, Air and Fire.


Video Mosaic

Watch video contributions from around the world, with a multifaceted view of what climate change means to YOU! Expressions will include any idea, any angle, any topic within climate change and will express the multitude of concerns, ideas and solutions that all of us harbor. This Mosaic will be a testament to maybe the single most important ingredient in solving the problems of climate change – collaboration and new ideas!


KUER/A4E Panel Discussion

KUER/A4E Panel Discussion moderated by Radio West’s esteemed host Doug Fabrizio. Seven panelists, ranging from faculty members at Harvard, University of Virginia, University of Colorado and University of Utah involved in the creation of Artivism for Earth will join the virtual panel discussion. The goal is to explore the ways that art and science can foster the dialogue and understanding necessary for society address and communicate the existential crisis of climate change. The panelists include Yvette Janine Jackson, Naomi Oreskes, Matthew Burtner, Brandon Vogt, Elisabet Curbelo, Julia Corbett and Tim Garrett.