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The health impact of climate change is felt most acutely among minorities and populations in poverty. Among those groups, Indigenous people have seen their environment impacted severely, oftentimes affecting general health and life expectancy. Loss of habitat, loss of health. Read more of the scientific studies below.

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Where are the Birds? Sonoran Desert Suite

What does the struggling voice of Native Americans sound like as the impact of climate change continues to ravage their world? Where are the priorities, how is the loss processed, who speaks up about the issues?

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Wild Fire During Lockdown

A poem by Pamela Uschuk

Lockdown. No cars on the freeway. No buses. Motor roar, a bad memory. Is it my imagination or do even shy goldfinches belt out their tweets?

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Pam Uschuk, poet
Robert Paine, School of Medicine
Cheryl Pirozzi, School of Medicine


Larry Cesspooch, poem narration
Kayden Denny, Native American Hoop Dancer