To Hope

Three High Places

by John Luther Adams

  1. Above Sunset Pass

  2. The Wind at Maclaren Summit

  3. Looking Toward Hope

For John Luther Adams, music is a lifelong search for home—an invitation to slow down, pay attention, and remember our place within the larger community of life on earth.

A deep concern for the state of the earth and the future of humanity drives Adams to continue composing. As he puts it: “If we can imagine a culture and a society in which we each feel more deeply responsible for our own place in the world, then we just may be able to bring that culture and that society into being.”

Dark Clouds

by Wendy Wischer

Light illuminates the performer, bringing attention to their movements and their song. Yet the climate crisis we face darkens everything…

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Performer: Hasse Borup   Visuals: Wendy Wischer