Video Mosaic

Watch video contributions from around the world, with a multifaceted view of what climate change means to YOU!

“Children are the least responsible for climate change, yet they will bear the greatest burden of its impact.”

On Nature and Learning. Thoughts on Nature and Learning on a hike in Millcreek Canyon, Utah

Climate Change topics in School. Colegio Jaime Balmes is a school founded in 1942 and located in Las Palmas. We educate students from 0 years old to high school. Including topics related to nature and climate change is extremely important in all courses. Young generations need to be aware and prepared to find better solutions to the climate crisis in their future.

Recycle! with Bamba, Pamodu and Diara. They are teaching Diara, the youngest one to keep the beach clean and throw the trash in the proper can. They hope to teach you too the importance of keeping recreation spaces clean.

Revolution – Environmental Racism was inspired by the unfortunate environmental racism that is still being experienced due to petroleum coke pollution on the SouthEast side of Chicago. Dedicated to the brave members of the community breaking ground in the ongoing environmental justice movement.

“Cleanin’ It Up” SciArt6 member Benu Muhammad takes on environmental racism and pollution in this original rap.

Wildfire during Lockdown (Part I). Poem-essay written for Artivism4Earth by Pam Uschuk describing the health impact of climate change on Native American populations. Read the poetry written for A4E.

Solastalgia by Tezozomoc, a Los Angeles Chicano Poet and 2009 Oscar Nominated Activist and has been published by Floricanto Press, “Gashes!: Poems and Pain from the halls of injustice”, a collection of poetry, ISBN-13: 978-1951088040, 9/

Songs of the Fire Monster. Poem written for Artivism4Earth by Tanaya Winder and Pam Uschuk

Water is a film created by Ute Spiritual Leader Larry Cesspooch for the ACME Lab exhibition Confluence. Confluence is on view at the UMFA until December 2021.

Crescendo. This film is a sustainability consulting project for cultural organizations. The project offers strategic lines of action and a management model adaptable to different cultural organizations providing tools that respect the environment.

Waterwork Reindorf. The conflict between built environment and natural patterns. Short video on sears painting

You Are Not a Bird, You Are a Refinery
-Legacy Parkway, Salt Lake City, Utah
Author: Sarah Woodbury

Climate Change Dance
This film is a screendance about the local climate issues that we face in Salt Lake City, the ones showcased in this film are inversion, air quality, lack of snow, and drought. The purpose is also to show the local beauty through dance and the clips of nature.

Circle Hasu. Nature in Japanese is a translation of a western word. It is a concept and term created by humans which may be perceived differently from person to person. In my performance, I make a space where my transnational complexity, ambiguity, and nature-celebrating spirituality can tell stories by embodying that my body, this site, and this time are just parts of the whole natural world and the time flow of the entire nature.

Time Crunch is a visual response to composer Jordan Kuspa’s same-named score. With time-lapse that shows the world passing by over longer periods of time in compression, we can meditate on the fact that climate change is happening faster than we realize.

Akouein. I believe that for more people to become concerned about climate change, they must learn about the Mandelbrot set and Fractal Geometry. It is because therein is proof beyond a reasonable doubt of the connection between life and basic mathematics. It shows that the universe was created FOR life to exist. Life is not some viral infestation or cancer attacking the purity of the universe, as some self-possed “intellectuals” would believe. I invite you to please visit my site. It’s intended to be a work of art that stands by itself, though with much assistance from either. My site is:

Forest Hymns for flute, choir, and electronics composed by Miguel Bassim Chuaqui was premiered in 2004 on Arbor Day (April 30) in the Salt Lake City Public Library Auditorium. It was commissioned by the head of the Salt Lake City Department of Urban Forestry, Bill Rutherford, who asked Chuaqui to incorporate the sounds that of the forests involving wind and trees. The electronic sounds Chuaqui included and processed are the wind blowing through Pines, Douglas Firs, Balsam, Spruces, Aspen, and Bald Cypress trees.